Therapy for your Mental and Emotional Needs

My mission is to provide a non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their lives and understand and accept themselves more fully, in order to lead to a more empowered and regulated emotional experience. 

"[Emily] has demonstrated diligence, clinical expertise, and dedication to her clients’ needs."   

- Katherine Gillard, LPC-MHSP


Have you BEEN


There is a growing interest in going to therapy due to people's increasing desire to explore the destructive patterns of behavior, unwanted negative emotions, and pervasive negative thoughts towards self that tend to keep people from moving forward in work and relationships. A therapist provides an unbiased and non-judgmental space in which you can explore these concerns and receive feedback and techniques to love and accept yourself as you are and continue on a path of healing and growing. Therapy is worthwhile because it’s an investment in yourself both now and in the future.